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I've been a professional DJ for a stupid amount of time and Mash-Up producer since 2004.

I left school at 16 ready for some work experience and started as a runner for a photographic company, Negs in Long Acre Lane, London WC2. I soon progressed to the darkroom and learned the techniques of film developing and printing.

My DJ career started at the age of 18 when I bought a mobile disco with a couple of friends (Garry Hurcombe and Ian Ross) way back in 1974 (Oo err!). We called the Disco 'The Spartacus Roadshow'. The mobile lasted for about 15 years and within that time, I found that I had an aptitude for the job. I went solo and started working in pubs and clubs.

I also embarked on a number of businesses with my dad in this period, for instance, an engineering supply company, a DIY shop, a packing case business, a dart and trophy shop, a small record shop etc. Not majorly successful enterprises for one reason or another but great life experiences! It was mainly the DeeJaying that kept me afloat and has done ever since!

The Mid Eighties I became the Music Programmer for Music Box TV (it was the MTV of Europe at the time), choosing which video's and which order they were shown for each show! A great time!

As I grew older, I figured that my DJ talents probably had a shelf life as I was going to have to compete with younger guys and girls coming into the field. Because of my interest in technology and my love of art and design, I taught myself web designing to try and secure my future. Fortunately, my experience as a DJ, my mashups and love of contemporary music has kept me in good stead and a combination of both occupations has kept me going through two really bad recessions! As a DJ, I've had a great time and worked in some amazing places and more recently, deejaying and presenting karaoke, acts and bands at Bunga Bunga in Battersea, London.

As a web designer I've worked with some interesting companies including Globalwave and the BBC.

Agnes vs. Wings - Release the Band on the Run...

Made this back in 2009 but recently found a better instrumental so remade it. Now luckily enough to have Bobby G made this fab video for me!!

Black Eyed Peas vs. Beyonce - Where is the Summertime?...

This was one of my tracks on Summer Booty 2018. Another great video by Bobby G

Queen vs. Gwen Stefani vs. Black Machine - Ice in Another Hollaback Dust Up (2008)...

Made this back in 2008 and has been very popular at my gigs since! Big thanks to Bobby G for another excellent job on the video!

Madonna vs. Lady Ga Ga - Alejandro Bonita ( 2018 Remix)

Made this a few years ago but just remixed it for current flavours. Once again, massive thanks to Bobby G for doing a Stirling job with the video!

Black Eyed Peas Vs. Kings Of Leon Vs. David Guetta - I Gotta Feeling This Sex Is On Fire When Love Takes Over...

Made the original Mashup in 2007 and then added David Guetta in 2017.
Here's the brilliant video by Bobby G

Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa vs. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally One Kiss

Here's another video of my latest Mashup (June 2018) by the fabulous Bobby G!

Chic vs. Rihanna - Shut Up and Dance Dance Dance

I originally made this in 2009 and now revived with the fab video by Bobby G!

Earth Wind & Fire vs. Ce Ce Peniston.

I originally made mashup back in 2005 and it has remained a constant in my sets! Boris Bolo recently made this fab video of the track for me! ...

U2 vs. David Guetta

Very popular with many. Made in around 2011 it is also one of my own personal favourites. Great Video also made by Bobby G

Baby D vs. Sonique.

Made back in 2005, it seemed like a natural pairing to me and also one of my personal favourites. Fab Video by Bobby G!

Soul II Soul vs. J Balvin vs. Cameo - Word Up It's Back to Mi Gente

Here's a video of one of my latest Mashup (June 2018) by the fabulous Bobby G!
This track also appears on Summer Booty 2018

Video: Soul II Soul vs. Geroge Michael.

Made the track as a request from Bobby Glasspie who subsequently made this fab video of it!

Bunga Bunga Battersea
Resident: Wed, Thurs. and Sat.

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Here are the Latest Albums that I have tracks included on!

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